Charge All Of Your Devices With The Sawtooth Dock!

The Sawtooth USB Dock!

Many devices these days need a USB adapter to charge the battery, but with so many devices requiring a USB connection, it is easy to see how quickly you can run out of connections. The Sawtooth has six USB ports that are capable of charging at 2.4A of power through each one, but there is a useful little feature that allows the user to connect several Sawtooths together at once. This means that you can charge up to sixty devices at once, surely that is going to be enough USB ports for anyone!

This is one of those designs that have been carefully thought out, the slots are slanted so that the devices rest at an angle allowing them to stack in an orderly manner. The Sawtooth dock will be launching this year, although it can still be pre ordered from just $85 for a short while.

Source: Plashr