Make Cool Music With The AlphaSphere!

This is the interesting AlphaSphere; it’s a cool new musical instrument that uses pads to create sound. These pads can be tapped for audio and touched for other sound effects like fading in and out or pumping the volume up, it’s all in the hands. The main feature is the design, it’s like ball and therefore this is where all the fun happens, as many hands can make such sweet music. It’s something that can be enjoyed by everyone and there is no need for any music skills either. The AlphaSphere comes with 32 different sized tactile pressure and velocity sensitive pads, this is where the sound comes from and it has a cool looking ergonomic spherical design that is ideal for holding.

The hexagonal lattice pad layout allows for a series of notational arrangements, it is responsive and comes with stylish configurable LED lighting effects. It comes with USB 2.0 connectivity, is bus powered and it’s fully compatible with any MIDI software. The AlphaSphere measures in at 22cm (W) x 22cm (D) x 26cm (H) and it weighs in at approximately 2 kilos. The AlphaSphere should be launching later on this year with a retail price of around $200, but it can be pre ordered for a short while at just $149, now that sounds like a bargain!

Source: AlphaSphere