PetWashSpa Welcome To The World Of Tomorrow!

Anyone who has a pet will know that occasionally there is a need for a bath and on these occasions, there is the risk that water, suds and dirt will end up all over the place. However, with the futuristic looking PetWashSpa all of the mess and wet could be a thing of the past. This is the a complete pet washing system that can be suitable for professionals and pet owners alike, it all looks good provided that the dog is calm and is happy to sit down while the machine does it job.

It is easy to use too, simply connect the PetWashSpa up to a water supply, open it up, place the dog inside, attach the harness and close the lid. Switch on and adjust the water pressure, that is it. Well it has to be said that the PetWashSpa, while looking space age and coming with all of that hi-tech stuff, it still means putting your pet dog inside a plastic bubble and then turning on the water tap, what could possibly go wrong here?

The PetWashSpa should be launching later on this year with a retail cost of around $200, but pre order one now and you can pay just $99 for one the early versions to come off the production line.

Source: PetWashSpa