Charge Batteries Twice As Fast With The SoniCable!

It makes no difference what kind of technology we are all using, the chances are that at some point it’s going to need charging and the best way to do this is as quickly as possible. The SoniCable has been created to make charging faster and it is as easy to use as a standard USB cable. The main difference is that it comes with a built in Sonic switch that when turned on will stop any synchronising or data transfer to focus on charging the battery, meaning that the battery can be charged in half the time it would have taken otherwise. There has been a lot of thought in the SoniCable design, by using aluminium in the connectors and the tangle free nylon covering for the cable.

There is a useful dual sided USB connection that makes it easy to get into the USB port no matter what way around it is and of course, there is the Sonic switch that changes how the cable is working. There are connectors available for Apple devices using the lighting connection, while for Android and other devices there is the universal micro USB connection. When the SoniCable goes on sale later on this year, expect to pay around $36 for one, but pre order now and you can claim one for just $27 and charge your smartphones battery in half the time.

Source: SoniCable