Coating Makes Sure Bikes Are Seen At Night!

Reflective Coating For Bikes!

This is something that comes from collaboration between Hub Powderworks and Halo Coatings, what it does is coat a metal bike frame with a grey coloured spray that will become bright and reflective when the light is dim, as soon as headlights hit the frame it will be reflecting light back from greater distance than normal lights. The key to surviving while riding a bike is making sure that you are visible, if you can be seen then it stands to reason that other road users will be given advance warning that you are in front of them, allowing them to take the appropriate actions.

This product might look dull during the daylight, but once the light fades, it reflects light in a way that no other road user can miss and that is the all a bike user can do, when it comes to being visible. A normal cyclist would be relying on reflectors and lights, but these are nowhere near bright or big enough, this method makes the entire bike frame glow as soon as any type light hits it and therefore making it visible from further away which is much better for all road users.

The cost of covering your metal bike frame with this luminous coating will cost between $329 and $419.

Source – Hub Powderworks