For Perfect Selfies You Need A Remote Button!

Remote Smartphone Camera Control!

Taking a selfie is easy you just pick up your Smartphone and click a way. However, when there is a group, getting everyone in takes a lot of skill and a long arm. Unless you are using the Topwell wireless self timer remote shutter controller for smartphones. It is easy to get started too, just pair the remote with the smartphone by activating the devices Bluetooth function and selecting AB Shutter 3 from the list, that’s it done. To control the camera it is just a matter of pressing the on or off button, it does not get any easier than that.

The device comes with a free app available from either Google play or iTunes, just pair the device with the smartphone using a Bluetooth connection in order to enjoy all of the benefits of taking photos by remote control. It uses a single CR2032 battery that should be good for up to six months if it is being used times a day, with an effective range of up to ten metres. The device measures up at 58 mm (L) x 33 mm (W) x 10.5 mm (H) and it weighs in at around 20 grams. The price of the cool remote control for your smartphone cameras function is just £1.88 check it out on Amazon