Qmote! The Waterproof Smartphone Remote Button!

Qmote Smartphone Remote Button!

As Smartphone’s become larger and able to do much more there is a need for additional accessories to make life a bit easier. In this case, we are looking at the Qmote single button remote for Smartphone and tablets, it even works when the device is out of reach and that has to be worth looking at. The first you will notice is that it looks like a guitar plectrum and for good reason as that makes it easy to handle, as well as to use in a home or work situation.

This handy little device is a multifunctional remote button that connects via Bluetooth and provides the user with ability to hit the snooze button, make a wireless presentation, access satellite navigation and any connected devices within the home or work environment. Not bad for something that can fit into a wallet or pocket without getting in the way, so it’s ideal for anyone who is travelling around. It would seem that the Qmote is an ideal accessory to the internet of things.

The connectivity comes from the Bluetooth Smart 4.0 connection, with compatibility with the iPhone 4s or later, iPad 3 or later and Android devices on 4.4 or later. As for the water proofing it has a rating of IPX7, which allows for use in the presence of rain, snow and even occasional splashes of water. The handy little device measures up at 3.9 cm (L) x 3.3 cm (W) x 0.5 cm (H) and it weighs in at six grams, with the replaceable CR1620 coin cell battery installed that can offer up to 60,000 clicks, which is a fair amount of time by anyone’s standards.

The Qmote will be launching later on this year with a retail price of around $25, but anyone pre ordering now can grab one from just $19, but hurry as this offer is not going to last forever.

Source: QB LInks