Like Giving Some Classic Appreciation? Try The Ovation Box!

Thanks And Appreciation Ovation Box!

We all like a bit of thanks and appreciation, but these days everything like this seems to be carried out via social media. However, what about some classic thanks and appreciation, how nice would it be to receive a box containing twenty letters of love and appreciation from the people that most to you?

You might think that putting all of this together would be nightmare and ordinarily it would, but with Ovation Box, all of that is easy and the result is stunning. It is easy to get started too, simply share the link with twenty friends and family members. They all write a short letter on the subject of love or thanks.

Once there are twenty letters on file, you get to approve them and Ovation Box gets to work creating something memorable and wonderful. The parcel is put together and sent off to arrive on or near the chosen date. This is something that the recipient will never forget and it was all started by you!

Disclaimer: The Ovation Box in the photo is a prototype.  The final product will be a navy box with an embossed gold Ovation Box logo on the box’s top

The Ovation Box will be launching later this year with a retail price of around $100, but if you are fast enough pre orders are starting from just $75.

Source – Ovation Box