Now You Can Snowboard On Any Surface!

The is the Leif eSnowboard it looks like a mash up between a snowboard and a skateboard, which is a fair assessment, but this is a more snowboard as the rider is able to shred without the need for a fresh coating of snow on the mountain. This board brings snowboarding down to street level where riders are able to perfect their skills on a variety of different surfaces. To make the eSnowboard even easier to rider around town, the maker Leif has built in 18 x 3.6V lithium phoshate batteries that power the two 2000W electric brushless motors with the option of a wireless hand controller.

The Leif eSnowboard can reach up to 20 mph and has a range of up to eight miles, of course, these estimates are dependent on surface conditions and the riding style, all the same, these stats are impressive. The recharging time is around an hour and if you end up having to carry the board, it weighs in at just fifteen pounds. If you are wondering how you can get your hands on one of these, then Leif eSnowboard is expected to be hitting the scene later on this year when it comes with a $1500 price tag, although at the moment there is a special pre order price of just $1300, but this special price is limited to for first one hundred orders.

Source – Leiftech