The FlashQ GN20 Next Gen LED Flash!

While many people are happy to use their Smartphone’s for taking photos, there are still those who prefer the traditional approach. However, that does not mean that they to do without the latest technology. This is the FlashQ GN20 unit, it offers LED light, various flash head positioning, a built in gel holder and it comes with a radio control. All this means that the photographer is able to create perfect light conditions.

There are two parts to the FlashQ GN20 flash unit, the main body and a transmitter for the camera. Once set up this is going to be just like a camera pro with the light effects controlled via the camera by the user. The FlashQ Q29 kit will be going on sale later on this year with a retail price of $109, but it can be pre ordered from just $65 for a short while.

Source – Light Pixalabs