Vivaldi The Browser From The People Who Built Opera!

Anyone who has used the Opera browser will know that it started off great and then sort of lost momentum after a while, but some of the people behind the original Opera story are back with the Vivaldi browser and at first glance, it is looking pretty smart. They have based the Vivaldi browser on Chromium and it is now into its second technical preview, offering those early users tab stacking, quick commands and note taking features. It has the potential to become a viable alternative to Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. but can it convince users to switch? The whole idea is based on a simple conclusion and that is;

We must make a new browser. A browser for ourselves and a browser for our friends. A browser that is fast, but also a browser that is rich in functionality, highly flexible and puts the user first. A browser that is made for you.

What Vivaldi needs to do is simply show Chrome and other browser users that this is the browser for them, which is easier said than done. However, it’s the idea of incorporating an email client into the mix might have some influence on decision to switch to the Vivaldi browser.

Source – Vivaldi