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11th March 2015

GroBotz Robots Built With Modular Sections!

Modular robots are cool and the GroBotz are practical too as they come with a whole host of modules and a Smartphone app too. The builder can produce all sorts of different robots with all sorts of different features that can be designed to work on different tasks and jobs. GroBotz are not just robots either, they are cars, toys, instruments and so on, these will be robots created by the next generation of engineers, scientists and programmers. The great thing is that they are able to get started from an early age too, it is a great way to get started in robotics and if that is not right, then it’s easy to switch over to something else such as gaming, software, physics, mechanics or electronics.

The starter model comes with the following modules; the Brain, cool RGB Light, Thumbstick control, Touch Sensor, Distance Sensor, Accelerometer, Toggle Switch Sensor, Motion Sensor, Potentiometer, the essential 12 Volt Power Supply and 10 Building Blocks. The GroBotz will be coming to life later on in the year, but for those who cannot wait until then, they can pre order one from $150. Although there are other packages available at various prices and the opportunity to build a robot using different types of modules.

Source – Grobotz


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