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16th March 2015

Zeepers The Magnetic Mounting System!

This a strange name for something that could be very useful around the home or small business, they are Zeepers and they are magnets that have been covered in an ABS Plastic or some other suitable material that is both practical and affordable. The idea of the Zeeper mounting system is that they are able to connect around corners or flat surfaces through the integrated hinge that is able to hold via a rubber layer or elastic gel. Once in the place the Zeepers can be put in place wherever the user wants it and because of the colours available, they can blend right in if required.

This is the most interesting part of the concept, as each Zeeper mounting system design comes with an array of holes and hooks that have been designed to hold your stuff in place securely, as well as safely. There will be a wide variety of Zeepers designs available so the possibilities of uses are virtually endless. A Zeeper can be used at work or in the home; either way they offer a unique storage solution that will keep things in their place and prevent clutter. The starter kit will launch first offering the buyer a selection of mounting discs, hooks and connectors.

Zeepers will be launching in a few months time, but the Zeeper Starter Kit can be pre ordered now from just $20.

Source – Zeepers


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