Share The Power With A Trix!

We all need power at work, but sometimes a communal connection can help develop friendships and help a group come with an idea for the next best thing. This is where the Trix system will come in handy, it’s a small palm sized device that comes with a decent length of power cable, a curved design for a good grip, three AC power outlets and a couple of USB charging ports. The Trix measures up at 90 mm (L) x 90 mm (W) x 38 mm (H), which is ideal for being carried around or placed in the centre of a desk.

Once plugged into a power point the Trix can be used straight away to charge or power up to five devices in one go, that is very handy when a team is brainstorming a new project or trying to come up with a solution to problem. It is also ideal in the home too as it can bring together all of your stuff and charge your Smartphone or tablet all at the same time. The Trix power system will be launching later on in the year, but they are taking pre orders right now starting from around $35 for the Trix Power Strip.

Source – Trix Point Corp