Scrunchies Are Back Saving Birds From Cats!

Apparently, cats kill lots of birds every year, but its nature and no matter what you do instinct will always takeover. However, here is an unusual idea that resurrects a 90’s fashion and repurposes it as a way of preventing the cat from killing birds in your garden. It’s called the Birdsbesafe collar cover and yes, we think it looks like that famous hair product the scrunchie!

Birdsbesafe Collar Cover Scrunchie!

Basically, the Birdsbesafe collar cover fits over the cats own collar, this holds it place and has little effect on the cat once they have got used it. Nevertheless, for the bird this is an early warning signal of impending danger as they can see bright colours and patterns. As the cat moves in for the kill, the bird spots the colours and takes to the air; the cat of course is none the wiser.

Songbirds see bright colors especially well due to their special eye anatomy. The colors look even brighter than to the human eye. So, a stalking cat will be instantly noticed by songbirds when it wears a colorful Birdsbesafe® collar cover. Birds simply fly to safety!  It’s like your cat is wearing a bright flag that signals: “Danger, here.”

The Birdsbesafe collar cover is available right now with prices starting from around $9.99.

Birdsbesafe Collar Cover Scrunchie!

Source – Birdsbesafe Collar Cover