InfiniteUSB Connects Many Devices To One Port!

InfiniteUSB Multi USB Ports!

Computer designs are based on slim and lightweight specs these days, so that means when it comes to charge up your devices there could be queue of devices waiting for the port to become vacant. However, the InfiniteUSB cable and connector is a device that allows the user to connect to many InfiniteUSB cables and connectors to just one USB port. Now this is something that seems to make sense and could be a complete time saver. The idea is a simple as you can get it, the connector is standard but the back of it is not as it comes with another USB port ready to be used by another USB connector cable and so on until all of your devices are charging at once.

InfiniteUSB Multi USB Ports!

There is a choice of MicroUSB, Lightning and Female USB connectors available, there is also a choice of some cool colours too, such as blue, orange, green, grey and pink, so there are plenty options available. This could be one of the best ideas based on the USB connection and cable set up, it is especially useful as so many devices these days use a USB connection to charge batteries and synchronise data etc. The InfiniteUSB Slim with one Infinite USB cable in MicroUSB, Lightning or female USB port on your choice can be pre ordered from just $14.

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