The Leef iBridge Portable Storage For iPhones!

While owning an iPhone is something that many people desire, the fact that it uses a lightning connector makes it difficult, connect a flash drive for portable storage. However, there is the Leef iBridge that takes portable storage to another level for Apple users. The Leef iBRIDGE is exactly that, it can act as a bridge between an iOS powered device and any other device with a 3.0 USB port.

Leef iBridge Portable Storage!

This simple design is easy to use and allows the user to transfer video, images and documents easily between the iPhone and laptop with a USB port; it could not be any easier. The Leef iBridge comes with a standard hi-speed USB 2.0 and an Apple MFi certified lightning connector. The Leef iBridge to USB speed is 14 MB (Read) and 7 MB/s (Write), while the Leef iBridge to device is 18 MB/s (Read) and 8 MB/s (Write).

Leef iBridge Portable Storage!

It’s made from TPE Plastic, Silicon and Aluminium, measures up at 60.5 mm (L) x 18.5 mm (W) x 18 mm (H) and it weighs in at 10 grams. There are several versions of the Leef iBridge available up to 256 GB, but this is the 16 GB version and it can be purchased now from just £42.29 from Amazon.

Source – Amazon