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23rd April 2015

Charge Your Smartphone Fast With Charge Doubler!

If there is one thing worse than finding that your Smartphone has a low battery, it has to be how long it takes to charge it back up. Most of us can afford the odd half an hour now and then, but sometimes this is not long enough to provide a complete charge and this where the Charge Doubler comes in to make your life so much easier.

This might be a small device, but it can easily be carried around on your key ring and forgotten about until needed. Yet when you charge your Smartphone this is when you really notice what all the fuss is about, as it can improve the charging speed by up 200% and that makes all the difference when you are busy or waiting to get somewhere. It’s all down to the current, normal chargers work at around 500 mA, but the Charge Doubler provides 1000 mA.

All this means is that you spend only half time waiting for your Smartphone to be fully charged, to some this might not matter and yet there is always a time when you have to leave home or work with a Smartphone that only has a partial battery charge. Do you want to take that chance or would you prefer to have Charge Doubler on your side and get out knowing that your Smartphone is fully charged?

The Charge Doubler comes with a Lightning compatible cable for Apple iPhone devices and microUSB compatible cable for Android and Windows Phone devices, just specify your make and model when ordering. Pre orders are starting from $12 and should be delivered later on in the year when the company start up the production line. Who would have thought that for such a small amount of cash you could make your life so much easier.

Charge Doubler For Faster Charging!

Charge Doubler For Faster Charging!

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