Stikey Your New Smartphone Accessory!

Stikey is a magnetic wall mount, a handy cable tidy, a magnetic Smartphone stand and it can be attached to your key ring for easy portability. It is not that often that you get one device with so many different features and functions, but the Stikey might be the only accessory you need for your Smartphone and that make sense for anyone who spends a lot a time travelling from place to place.

The Stikey is small, but so useful even the base of the packaging can be used as a magnetic mount, this is something that has been carefully thought out and now it is almost ready for the marketplace. This palm sized device might not look exciting at first, but once used we think that most users will be wondering why on earth it has not been thought of before, just like all great ideas there is more to the Stikey than meets the eye. The Stikey comes in these cool colour choices; green, red, black, yellow, blue and light grey. The case has a soft touch TPU body, in a nice matte finish, comes with a built in Neodymium magnet and it measures up at 65 mm (L) x 35 mm (W) x 9 mm (D).

The laser cut metal tab fits onto the back of your Smartphone, its less than 1 mm thick, it measures up at 17 mm (L) x 17 mm (W) and has a smart satin finish that attaches to the device using the 0.2 mm 3M VHB tape. The Stikey is expected to hit the market by the end of the year, but they can already be pre ordered for just £10. For that, you get one of the first Stikey Smartphone accessories and magnetic mounts off the production line. Your family and friends will think that they are missing out on something and they are!

The Stikey Smartphone Accessory!

The Stikey Smartphone Accessory!

Source – Stikey