The COVR Case For Discreet Photography!

It is very difficult these days to take a photo using a Smartphone without everyone knowing, but the COVR case changes this idea through its simple prism based built in lens that offers a new dimension on taking a photo. The COVR is easy to use too, it has a simple sliding action that will lift up the lens allowing the user to take a photo without actually pointing straight at the subject, and in fact it just looks like you are checking your emails, surfing the web or something.

COVR Case For iPhone 6!

COVR has been designed for the iPhone 6, it is unobtrusive allowing the user to capture a nature photo, it’s easy to hold, ready to use within seconds and it gives the user just another way of taking a photo. Along with the case comes the app, this is the place to manage your photos and videos in one place, it also offers access to the camera functions too meaning that there is switching from one app to another.

The COVR Photo case for the iPhone 6 will be going on sale very soon with a retail price of around $69.95, but for a short while, it can be pre ordered from just $55.

COVR Case For iPhone 6!

Source – COVR Photo