Protect Your Smartphone With A Titanium Case!

Normally anything made from titanium is going to cost a lot of cash, which sort of defeats the object if the case is costing more than a repair would. But the guys over at i3D Printing have this figured and their cases will not cost more than the repair, which makes perfect sense as what is the point in spending out on more a Smartphone case than the cost of replacing the screen if its cracked or broken.

The T1 and S1 smartphone case!

This is the T1 and S1 Smartphone case, the T1 made from aircraft grade titanium and the S1 case is made from steel. Both these cases take advantage of a styrene butadene rubber lining that ensures the case has a nice sung fit to the device, there is nothing worse than a Smartphone rattling around inside a case as this could make you wonder that the case is not going to be doing its job properly in a situation.

The design has been carefully thought out so there are not brackets, hinges or screws to get in the way, it is just a matter of positioning the case around the Smartphone and then snapping the two pieces together to secure the device in order to protect it if its dropped or knocked. If there is one reason for considering this kind of case, it has to be the fact that once in place it is not as noticeable as some other cases, it fits nice and neatly, which is important when you have an iPhone 6 nobody wants to hide that fact from everyone else, do they?

The T1 and S1 smartphone case!

These Titanium Smartphone cases will be going on sale soon, but the pre order price for the iPhone 6 case in steel start from just $60, while the iPhone 6 versions in titanium start from $99, while stocks last.

Source – i3D Print