Protect Your Charging Cables With TUDIA Klip!

Smartphones these days are built to last and in many cases, the device actually outlives the twenty four month contract that most people have their devices on. However, when it comes to the charging cable, that is a completely different matter altogether. There is nothing worse than thinking that your Smartphone is getting a battery boost only to find that nothing has happened because the cable is broken or damaged. This is issue normally happens at the business end of the cable and this is where the TUDIA Klip comes into its own.

TUDIA Klip Cable Protectors!

This simple design comes in a two piece design that clip together and locks over the weak point where the cable is joined to the connector. This produces a sturdy and flexible bond that will ensure that your charging cable lives just as long as the device. The TUDIA Klip will be going on sale later on this year, but visit the Klips website for details on how to pre order the Klip from just $5. Now all you have to do is choose a colour from grey, blue, yellow, green or pink.