The Winston Classic Designer Watch!

Watches used to popular, but these days it is all too easy to get the right time from your Smartphone. However, a watch is more than just about time and the Winston Watches clearly demonstrate this. They have a quality Swiss movement, the strap can be changed to suit the user mood or dress code and they just offer the wearer the chance to show off their style. A watch is much better than checking the phone, any day!

Winston watches are high quality timepieces with a modern take on classic design. Inspired by a love of travel, Winston watches are both elegant and versatile. Combined with an exclusive watch case designed specifically for travel as well as easily exchangeable watch bands, Winston watches give you casual style or elegant sophistication wherever you are, wherever you go.

If you like the idea of a quality watch that is not going to break the bank then you will definitely be interested in the fact that Winston Watches are launching their crowd funding programme on Kickstarter early next month. We are assuming that there will be some cool pre order offers available to those who like the watches so much, they had to back the company with their hard earned cash.