Report events accurately with the iSaw app!

Around the world, there are events happening, they might not even be deemed important enough to be covered on the news and yet there is probably somebody nearby with a Smartphone. The iSaw app is being created for these people who are in the right place at the right time and are able to produce an accurate report of the event that they have just witnessed. It might be accident, violence, robbery, weather or something else, it might not even seem important at the time, but somewhere there will be a victim and iSaw could help them understand what has taken place.

Every minute of every day, there are thousands of occurrences happening throughout the world; Catastrophic weather events, tragedies, violence, medical emergencies, etc. Our team has designed an App, which allows individuals to report any witnessed information to the public.  This App allows a User to take a snapshot of the occurring event, choose the appropriate tag and add additional comments before creating the post.

These days social media plays a massive part in covering events as they happen, it seems like iSaw is just a natural extension of this by providing users with all of the tools needed to produce a great report based on what is happening at the time. For more information on the iSaw app, head on over the iSaw website where details on how the development of the app is going can be found.