Put your USB in any way with the McFlip!

How often do you grab the USB cable to charge your Smartphone or other device only to find that you have got it upside down, it’s a 50/50 chance and yet it seems to happen more often than not for some reason. Well with the McFlip the odds are definitely on your side, this is because they have cleverly designed it to fit the USB port both ways. So it makes no difference how it is picked up, this USB cable is going to fit nicely.

Not only that, they have solved one of the other issues with a USB cable at the same time by covering it in a high quality tough nylon braid, while the connector is made from aluminium with gold plate plugs to fight off corrosion. The estimated price of the McFlip is going to be around $20 to $25, but anyone pre ordering now will be able to grab a bargain at just $15 on the first ones off the production line this September! For more details check out the Winning Gear website; http://winnergear.com/product/micro-usb/