Going away for short break or even something longer is nice, but the packing and unpacking is a bit of pain especially as you have to do it twice. However, imagine a case that neatly packed away all of your stuff and made it easily accessible through it is built in shelf system, that is the ShelfPack case and it will soon become a reality.

The ShelfPack is an airline checked bag. Its dimensions are 14″x18″x26″ (28″ including the wheels), the interior is 6,365 cubic inches. The shelves and supports are 42″ tall, fully extended. Weight: 14.5 lbs. The shell is ballistic material and the case is rugged and reinforced for long life.

The ShelfPack could be launching very soon with a retail price of around $350, but anyone who pre orders before the launch will only to have pay around $250, which is a massive saving. For more details on the Shelf Pack and how to pre order one, check out the ShelpPack website now!