EnergySkin iPhone 6 Wireless Charging Dock!

It can be a bit annoying when you spend a lot of your hard earned cash on an iPhone and Apple Watch only to be provided with a simple cable to charge the device. Surely, such designs require a stand at least? Well now there is one and it’s called the EnergySkin IP6 Battery Case + Dock. Here are just some of the features functions that it has on offer;

EnergySkin IP6 Battery Case + Dock allows Wireless charging for iPhone 6.

Perfect and balanced stands for both iPhone 6 and Apple Watch.

EnergySkin IP6 Battery Case + Dock allows use of original Apple Watch and iPhone 6 charger.

Perfect for work desks and night tables.

iPhone battery case almost doubles the original capacity of iPhone with embedded extra battery.

Apple MFi certified product with original connector from Apple.

Battery case also allows iPhone 6 to work with inexpensive microUSB cable for SYNC and Charging.

Battery case is ultra slim (7.4 mm / 0.29 inch) and has anti-slip grip and adds very little bulk to iPhone 6.

The EnergySkin will be launching later on this year, but can still be pre ordered from just $42, which includes the EnergySkin iPhone 6 battery case and the wireless charging dock too. More details and information can be found here;