Walters Coffee Breaking Bad themed coffee shop!

If you thought that Walter White died at the end of the last episode of BreakingBad it might be time to rethink what actually happened. After all when you think about it we did not actually see him die and therefore that means he could have survived that raid, done a deal with the cops and was able to leave the US to start a new life.

Maybe he travelled to Istanbul in Turkey and opened a coffee shop with a difference such as Walters Coffee! This Breaking Bad themed coffee store is just the place for Walter White & Co to hide out, they produce some serious coffee and the cupcakes come a touch of blue crystal on top for decoration only of course. Walter White would be proud!

If you want to find out more on this Breaking Bad themed coffee store, check out the Walters Coffee Roastery page on Facebook, but be very careful as coffee as good as this can be very addictive and we all know where that can lead us!