Cusby makes the most of the single Macbook USB!

Having just one USB port can be an issue to some Macbook owners especially if you want to use accessories such as a mouse, printer or external hard drive, let alone trying to charge you smartphone for the journey home. However, it does not have to be like this, as the Cusby modular expandable USB adapter system shows. The Cusby has a nice clean design too, which is just as well as its being marketed towards Apple fans. The popular choice would be the Pro Pack this offers the buyer one each of the USB-C Power Charging Cusby, the USB-A High Speed Data Cusby, HDMI HD Video/Audio Cusby and the USB-C Extension Cable, which is enough to get you started.

Pre-Order Now: Cusby uses the advances of the new USB-C standard, lets you to build customs sets of different communication ports, combine and interchange them as easy as adding “Building Blocks”, they’re completely expandable and for every Cusby you connect a new USB-C port is created. The New MacBook essential companion

The Cusby could be going on sale towards the end of the year with the Pro Pack costing around $109, but pre order now and you need only to part with $75, now that is a bargain. For more details go to the Cusby website;