Get a lift from Berkshire Brewings Helium IPA!

With so many beers available these days it is hard to decide which brew to go for, especially when there are so many beers on offer in front you. So you might want to try something different, for instance the Helium IPA from the Berkshire Brewing Company! It uses a technique that they are calling “Heliumization” to give the beer a bit of lift.

Be prepared for an uplifting experience! Berkshire’s new Helium IPA boldly goes where no beer has gone before, introducing our ground breaking “Heliumization” technique to the world. Helium may be one of the simplest atoms but tying it down in a beer was a quantum leap for brewing. Let Berkshire Brewing’s new Helium IPA take you higher!

The Berkshire Brewing Company is a US based brewery started up by a couple of friends who were into homebrew in a big way. For more information on the Helium IPA and the other beers in the Berkshire Brewing Company wide range, they have a handy website here where you can find out about the business and brewing.

Source – The Berkshire Brewing Company