The iFlask booze carrier that looks like an iPhone!

Carrying a few shots of your favourite drink can be a bit of a headache, you cannot go into events, festivals or even a public place with it. But there are ways around the rules and the iFlask is one way of carrying your booze around without being suspicious as everyone will think that your are just holding your phone. So what sort of features can you expect to find in the iFlask? Well it is able to hold up to 5oz of your favourite drink to start with. It has an extremely discreet design so it’s not likely to be spotted; it is made from ABS, with a stainless steel frame. There are three handy and portable funnels included to reduce the amount the wastage and for a last resort there is a built in bottle opener too!

WORLD’S FIRST “SMART” FLASK Thats right! Its time to own the king of flasks. It features an extremely discreet design, fills around 5oz of your favorite beverage, and even comes with a built-in bottle opener. Basically, making this flask one of the world’s best drinking gifts.

If you like the idea of the iFlask then it’s going to cost you from just $29.95, this is one gadget that is going to pay for itself in a short while because you will not have to pour your booze away before entering a festival or event anymore! More details on the iFlask can be found here;