The Nipper uses AA batteries to charge your devices!

We have all been there when just when the time is not right the low battery warning appears on your smartphone and there is no way of charging it. That is a disaster and it happens too many times as we are using our smartphones more than ever. You have even wished that there was a way of charging the battery with standard AA batteries; well this is exactly what the Nipper will do. This handy device will stay out of the way on your key ring until needed, when your battery is low simply separate the two parts of the device, add two new AA batteries and connect to the smartphone! In half an hour there will be around 10% battery and double that in an hour, it is not going to give you a full charge, but it could be enough to get you out of a sticky situation now and then.

Nipper battery powered charger!

The Nipper contains 3 neodynium magnets. They have the double function of holding the batteries together while at the same time making an electrical connection to the Nippers circuit board. This circuit is called a boost converter, it turns the power from the batteries into a 5v power supply to charge your phone.

Nipper battery powered charger!

It is still early days for the Nipper but when it does eventually go on sale the classic version will cost £15 and the premium model will cost £20, all you need to add to that is a couple of AA batteries for a handy battery boost. For more details on the Nipper go to the Design On Impulse website here! This could be the smartphone accessory that many of us have been waiting for, just make sure that you have a pair of new AA batteries in your pocket, otherwise all this design work would have been a waste of time!

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