WalkCar the laptop sized electric vehicle!

Getting around town will be a breeze when the WalkCar launches, it is about the size of laptop and is like a portable Segway. As such it’s going to take a bit of getting used to, but there is no doubt that once the WalkCar goes on sale there are bound to be a few of these powering past you as you walk to work in the morning.

The WalkCar electric vehicle!

WalkCar is the world smallest electric vehicle, which can be brought in a bag. Just bend your body toward destination you like, you can operate WalkCar at will. As small as laptop PC, the device can be brought readily, and help you move anytime and anywhere. Now we can choose Walk or WalkCar

The WalkCar electric vehicle!

The WalkCar will be launching on Kickstarter in a few weeks time, so the actual launch date for this cool electric vehicle is likely to be sometime next year. It is believed that the retail price will be set at around $800 more details and news on the crowd funding can be found on the Cocoa Motors website here!


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