Amazon welcomes you to the world of Underground apps!

It is well known that Amazon have a wide range of apps available through its Appstore, but not everyone has even bothered with them because of the differences on Android between the Amazon Appstore and Google Play, it’s possible but for most users it’s just not worth the hassle. But could that be about to change with the launch of Amazon Underground, its available through the Appstore and once you are up running there is whole new world of free apps Amazon available, although it is believed that the free app of the day will be a thing of the past.

Amazon Underground App!

Amazon Underground is completely new; it is like a cross between the Amazon App and the Appstore, so it is going to be interesting to see who will take up the app and if they stay loyal to it. This has been made possible through a deal made with developers over pay, which is how the apps are now free! This sounds intriguing and finally Amazon has managed to work around the Google Play rules that do not allow competing app stores on board. According to Amazon, this is not a one off or a short term thing as they are in this for the long haul and that is the sort of assurance that users want to hear.

Amazon Underground App!

For more details on this go the Amazon Underground webpage, where are a couple of ways of getting the Amazon Underground App, these are; entering your email for the link to the download or by visiting the special Amazon Underground page on an Android powered Smartphone, simply sign up and you are done! Now you will be able to experience the world of cool and free apps via Amazon, anyone who has used the Appstore before on a Kindle or Smartphone will already know how hard it was to find the right apps, now it should be easy!


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