Turn your home into a smart home with MiHome!

You have heard about the internet of things or the smart home, but wondered just how it was possible to install this latest technology without it costing a fortune, well there are ways of turning a home into a smarthome and it does have to cost the earth either. This is MiHome a range of connected devices that will soon hand control over the lights, sockets, appliances and heating to you with the help of your smartphone with the MiHome app installed. You need the Gateway device connected to the router for wireless access.

Create your smarthome with MiHome!

Now you are ready to add what functions you need, these include; the MiHome home heating, light, socket, multiplug, adapter plus, monitor and the adapter, everything you need to create your very own personalised smarthome experience that you can control even when you are away.

Mi|Favourites – Pick your favourite or most used products, groups or scenes for quick access

Mi|Routines – Set up timers for individual products, groups or scenes

Mi|Day – A quick link to your scheduled activities allowing you to pause timers with one press

Mi|Energy – Monitor the energy usage in real time or over time of individual sockets, groups or scenes

Create your smarthome with MiHome!

For details on the MiHome range of smarthome products go to the website here! This might be the first step to turning your home into a smarthome.