Suaoki gives your car a couple of USB ports!

Many gadgets today use a USB cable for charging purposes, but unless you have an adapter handy charging your Smartphone, tablet or other device is not going to happen. The same goes for driving you are just as likely to run out of battery in the car as you might do walking around town, sure there are cables and cradles, but they not quite the same.

Suaoki gives your car a couple of USB ports!

You never need to compromise whose device to charge first when your intention is to have fun on the road, not fuss. Embrace super compatible Suaoki 2 USB Car Charge that is built to turbo-boost most USB digital devices, simply by plugging it into your car’s cigarette lighter, you are good to go with music, laughter, and more fond memories!

Suaoki gives your car a couple of USB ports!

This idea from Suaoki solves the problem in one move; it is an adapter that fits into the cars power port to provide you with two USB ports. Simply connect the cable and in no time at all your battery is charged. Better still is the offer that Suaoki have on Amazon at the moment! The normal price of the Suaoki 4.8A 24W 2 Port USB Car Charger with Tir-c Technology is £29.99, but they are offering it at £8.99 that’s a cool 70% off!


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