Batband is a sleek looking ears free headphone set!

There are many styles of headphones and earphones available for audio pleasure, but while the user is wearing them, they are not really able to listen out for other sounds such as phones, someone at the door or warnings. However, the sleek Batband is aiming to change that because it uses an interesting bone conduction system leaving the ears free for other sounds etc. It works by using the sound waves to vibrate through the bone to the inner ear.

Batband is a sleek looking ears free headphone set!

BATBAND has been conceived with you and your on the go lifestyle in mind. Unlike other bone conduction headphones, the main benefits provided by BATBAND™ result from its high fidelity sound conduction, its incorporated microphone, and its sleek and intelligent design coupled with its qualitative finishings.

With the Batband you can take a call, use Skype, check GPS, listen to music, play games, use with AR & VR devices and its all hands free. The Batband is sleek, has touch sensors, built in microphone, soft padding for comfort and allows the user to hear due to sound transducers. As for the specs, the Batband uses Bluetooth to connect and has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is good for up to eight hours conversation.

Batband is a sleek looking ears free headphone set!

According to the company, the Batband will be launching early next year with a retail price of around $250. For more details go the Studio Banana Things website where you find out how to get a Batband from just $148, while stocks last.


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