Wind power goes portable with the Trinity!

Generate you own power with the Trinity wind turbine system, this handy device is not powerful, its portable too! It is easy to set up using the legs or mount, it charges a standard car battery and yet is highly portable weighing around 1.4 pounds without the battery of course. This is ideal for homes off the grid, camping, or just as a back up or boost to your normal power supply.

Wind power goes portable with the Trinity!

All Trinity turbines have 3 blades and 3 legs. All external surfaces are made from strong and durable plastic material. Trinity 1000 and Trinity 2500 have a grid tie inverter so they can synchronize to the power supply system of your home or RV and therefor feed electricity straight into all outlets of your home.

Wind power goes portable with the Trinity!

More information on the Trinity Portable wind turbine can be found on the Janulus website, here you can find details on how to pre order the Trinity 50 from around $399, right up to the Trinity 2500 system from $5,599.

Written by David Allen

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