Smart City App Hack Offers 150000 Euros In Prize Money!

Sometimes we hear of software and IT companies that offer cash to anyone who is able to find a flaw in the system, but these are few and far between and this is something completely different. This is an opportunity to be in with a chance to win a share of a 150,000 Euro prize fund and at the same time get involved in promoting your home or nearest city as a Smart City! So, this sounds great, but who can get involved in this? Well its being organised by Smart City App Hack (SCAH) and FIWARE its open anyone willing to use the Smart City App no matter where they are located.

According to Smart City App Hack (SCAH) and FIWARE

Smart City App Hack is an initiative by dotopen, fostered by the City of Barcelona, with the participation of the world’s leading Smart Cities in a process to actively engage citizen communities, empowering them to become effective members of the civic innovation process

The main object of the challenge is for the competitors to concentrate on one of five challenges; energy, mobility, collaboration, tourism and shopping. The Smart City App Hack (SCAH) and FIWARE are behind launch the SCAH-FIWARE Online Competition, but its open to developers, business people and interested citizens worldwide.So that all sounds interesting, but how can you get involved? Simple just visit the Smart City App Hack and follow the instructions. Now the important part, what can you win? The prize fund is huge and with the smallest prize being around 10,000 Euros, so its well worth getting involved in the Smart City App Hack and its fun too, which is the point of it all.

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