Get some action on your desk with the Mighty Marquee!

Add a bit of fun to your workspace in the office with this mini lightbox, its nine inches long, three inches high and two inches deep. It is powered through a USB port and comes with its own micro USB cable. Now all you have to do is choose what to have as your display, it can be a movie poster, image from a game or you could even produce a cool price list for your services, the sky is the limit.

Mighty Marquee is the fun mini lightbox that brings brilliant illuminated graphics to your desktop. Measuring 9? wide x 3? tall x 2? deep, it’s the perfect size, and because its USB powered you can use it anywhere.

The Mighty Marquee is on special offer at the moment the normal price should be $59, but for short while it is priced at $49. For more details on the Mighty Marquee and how to order one go to the Dumpsty website.