AuraVisor the Virtual Reality Head Mounted Computer!

VR or virtual reality is supposed to be the next big thing in the gaming and movie sector, but its a bit slow coming forward. However there is the AuraVisor, this device is due for launch mid 2016 and it is one of the first portable virtual reality systems to come with its own built in computer. This system could revolutionise the world of VR and bring this technology to anyone who wants it. So what do you get with the AuraVisor? Well to start with it comes with this cool features;

5? Inch – Built in 1920 x 1080p High Definition screen delivers crystal clear graphics and video playback.
360º Video immersion – With its built in sensors 360º cable free rotation feels as natural as looking around you.
Bluetooth V4.0 – connect to game controllers, headphones, speakers or more via bluetooth.
Integrated WiFi – Add or stream new content easily over wifi.
Cable free – Cut the cord from computers or smartphones. Enjoy activities without wires.
Gaming gets real – Immerse yourself in new way of gaming. Be part of the game.
3D Videos – Enjoy 2D video in natural 3D or 3D videos as they were filmed.

The AuraVisor VR Headset with game controller will be launching mid 2016 with a retail price of around £400. However backers of the project can pre order from just £175 complete with a 16 GB micro SD card and a wall charger. For more details go the AuraVisor website.