Now iPhone 6 owners can protect their devices with Hyper Glass!

There is nothing worse than finding a mark or scratch on your new iPhones screen and to make it even more annoying you have to look at every time the device is used. So, there is Hyper Glass, this is a single piece of Japanese tempered glass cut to size to protect the screen without looking out of place. At just 0.33 mm this is the protection that is hardly noticed until its needed and then you will be glad that you invested in it. According to the manufacturers, there is no loss in touchscreen sensitivity either, while the rounded edges gives it a smooth comfortable finish.

HYPER GLASS is compatible with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus. It is cut from Japanese tempered glass and rated with a 9H+ hardness. It is shatterproof, anti-scratch, and also contains an oleophobic coating preventing fingerprints and smudging. We also use Japanese glue which creates an incredibly easy application for a protector. No fretting for hours to push bubbles out. HYPER GLASS can be installed and ready to go in seconds.

The Hyper Glass system is available for the owners of the various iPhone 6 models. For more details go to the Hyper Glass website where it can be purchased for around $45.