Is the EVENaBAG messenger the next generation of bag?

You cannot beat a good bag and today more than ever we tend to need a bag that not only has many functions, we need a bag that is capeble of carrying all the stuff that we need. This is the EVENaBAG, it has been designed to tackle modern life head on, with the basic model measuring 38 cm (W) x 16 cm (D) x 30 cm (H), with a strap length starting at 60 cm up to 143 cm.

Is the EVENaBAG messenger the next generation of bag?

The basic bag is good for carrying all your stuff around in, such as clothes, 15 inch laptop and so on! However, its the classic version that has all of the cool stuff such as; built in chair, mat and hanger system! This is a bag for the 21st century and no matter where you end up you will certainly be pleased with these additional built in functions and features.

Is the EVENaBAG messenger the next generation of bag?

These versatile messenger bags will be launching early next year with the EVENaBAG Classic costing 235 Euros and the EVENaBAG Basic costing 135 Euros. Backers of the project will be able to pre order the EVENaBAG Classic from around 149 euros or the EVENaBAG Basic from around 99 Euros. for more details or how to order your next generation messenger bag, go the EVENaBAG website.

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