For coffee on the go you need Go Cubes chewable coffee!

Being a coffee fan I cannot actually tell you how many cups of the dark stuff I have each day, but I can always tell you when I have not had enough and this usually happens when I am out and about. Even with the vast amount of coffee shops there are around, its all about time and convenience. However, it seems that there is a solution to this problem and its called Go Cubes!

For coffee on the go you need Go Cubes chewable coffee!

This is something that can change the way that we consume coffee, because unlike the normal coffee as a drink, Go Cubes are chewable coffee, just like a wine gum or something. They come in handy packs of four Go Cubes, each cube provides a rich flavour and taste of either a Latte, Pure Drip or Mocha. Two Go Cubes are the same as one cup of coffee, but without the mess or timewasting.

Each GO CUBE contains half of a cup of coffee, so you don’t need to pack very many with you. Even with all that convenience, we’ve managed to keep costs low – for instance, the Becky Package contains the equivalent of 40 cups of coffee for just $50. That works out to $1.25 per cup – way less than Starbucks!

For coffee on the go you need Go Cubes chewable coffee!

If you like the idea of chewable, then Go Cubes are right up your street. Go to the Go Cube website for more information and details on how you can order six x four packs for $20!


Written by David Allen

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