Is this a glimpse into the future of the drone!

A few years ago the idea of being able to fly a drone with a built in camera over a city or some other exciting location would be considered science fiction, yet today there are drones flying around almost every where and they are capturing some really cool video and images in the process. So what next for the drone, well DJI have brought together Chloe Bennet, Scott Goodson, Jeff Cable, Dana Brunetti, and Russell Brown to show us their vision of the future. It seems that in a few years time we might have our own fleet of drones that can make sure the kids get to school, sky art and personal security! It looks like science fiction is now!

Is this a glimpse into the future of the drone!

We all loved the 1980s’ sci-fi visions of the future — the way drones zipped around, blending in as a natural part of everyday life. What if we told you the predictions made in these sci-fi classics are now reality? With the DJI Phantom X, we turn wide-eyed dreams of future possibilities into fact with multi-angle shooting, AI, obstacle avoidance and free-flight object tracking.

Is this a glimpse into the future of the drone!

If you are impressed with the ideas of DJI and want more, go to their website where there is plenty of news, videos and images of drones doing cool stuff.

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