The Alt minimal case with mount for the iPhone!

I often ask myself why buy a cool and expensive smartphone only to cover it up with some cheap plastic case? Well we all do it and it is because we need to keep our smartphones like new for as long as possible. However there is such a thing as a minimal case and the Alt is fine example of how design can make things so much better, as well as easy on the eye. It is light and yet protects the device from those little accidents.

The Alt minimal case with mount for the iPhone!

Alt’s design is simple and modern. It’s minimal and beautiful while complementing the iPhone it protects. We agonized over each angle, each curve. Every line has to have a purpose. We are obsessed about how it works and looks. Alt is a pleasure to hold in your hand and to have in your pocket.

The Alt minimal case with mount for the iPhone!

Unlike other smartphone cases, the Alt comes with a mounting system. The wall mount comes with all cases, while the handy car mount is an optional extra. Both are handy features and the mount secure fixes to the Alt. When the Alt goes on sale early next year it will have a retail price of around $50. For more information on the Alt and how you can get one from just $25 go to the mod-3 website.

Written by David Allen

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