OfferMoments smart billboards puts shoppers in the picture!


Imagine this, you strolling around the shopping mall when suddenly the billboard in front of you offers a great offer that is personalised to your needs! However, this is not science fiction this could be happening in a shopping mall near you anytime soon! Its from instant coupon generating firm OfferMoments, so once you have the app not only will you better the latest offers and deals, you could even see yourself on the billboard in front of you being offered a great deal.

No need to register, you can sign-in using Facebook and share the great offers via Twitter. It’s the new social offers app that’s got everyone walking! Just install OfferMoments and that’s it, get on with your life! OfferMoments will come alive when you walk past your favourite participating shops and food & drink restaurants! OfferMoments will intelligently work to curate personalised offers tailored to your tastes!

OfferMoments is here now and you can find out more by visiting the company website where you can find news, videos and details on how you can get involved with this new marketing concept. Consumers can get the app now and where the system is in place will be able to enjoy some great offers. Get it now from Google Play for Android and iTunes for iOS.