Sony finally shut down the Betamax video format!

I know what you are going to say, what the hell is video and what the hell is Betamax? Well, first up video was a great way of recording stuff off the TV and watching movies. There where three formats, VHS, Beatmax and Video 2000, but it was VHS that won the video war forcing the others to becoming a niche market before virtually disappearing. However, it seems that Sony the creators of Betamax have still been making the tapes and will finally stop shipments in March 2016!

Sony in March 2016 with a, we will end the shipment of beta video cassette and micro cassette MV. Beta video cassette is a recording medium of magnetic tape recording method “Betamax format,” which was developed towards the video recording applications for the home, we have been producing since 1975. Production of same-format video tape recorder equipment has been completed in 2002.

If you are fan of the Beta video system, then you might be interested in the Sony webpage that explains what is happening and more importantly why! It seems that finally Sony are throwing in the towel on the good old Betamax video system and tapes.