This keyboard will make you the emoji master!

This keyboard will make you the emoji master!

When it comes to getting your point across there is nothing more to the point that an emoji. Just one little graphic can make all the difference and now with this emoji based keyboard, you can get that message across at super fast speed. The Keyboard is battery powered, connects via Bluetooth and will save time! There are three versions of this keyboard; The Emoji Keyboard, type emoji faster, English too! Priced at $49.95. The Emoji Keyboard Plus with everything in the base model & Unlock skin tone modifiers! Priced at $74.95. The Emoji Keyboard Pro with everything in the Plus model & Hero status with peers! Priced at $99.95.

Type emoji 10 times faster than your friends. You’ve been hunting emoji on your screen for years but now they’re right on your keyboard. Spend less time playing “find the emoji” and more time being awesome.

For more details on this interesting keyboard and how you can get one for yourself go to the Emoji Works website. Finally beating everyone to a cool message is in your hands.


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