Watch the trailer for Downtime from on the Doctor Who universe!


This story is basically the unofficial sequel to the episodes The Abominable Snowmen and The Web of Fear from the series featuring the second Doctor played by Patrick Troughton. Downtime stars Nicholas Courtney, Deborah Watling, Jack Watling and Elisabeth Sladen, it is written by Mark Platt and directed by Christopher Barry and Keith Barnfather.

We follow The Brigadier (Nicholas Courtney – Doctor Who) and Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen – Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures) of UNIT who investigate New World University; a sinister school run by Victoria Waterfield and Professor Travers. The technology obsessed University holds a gateway to Earth made by classic foe the ‘Great Intelligence’. Fighting alone this time – without their famous time-travelling scientific advisor – The Brigadier and Sarah Jane are hard pressed to decide who is friend or foe as they search for a missing Locus, which binds the Intelligence’s power. The battle is broadened when the Brigadier’s own family is threatened and UNIT faces a powerful new breed of Yeti!

Downtime will be available on DVD for the first time from the 16th November, 2015! For more details go to Amazon to find out more and to pre order a copy for yourself.